"The representation of the void is always a

representation which is full" (Henri Bergson)

Conceived for an intimate audience, Ausencia is a solo performance developed during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The work deals with the body and its absence, the possibility of touch, and the lack of such possibility. Between longing and frustration, dancer Ariel Gelbart acts and moves in the empty space as he communicates with things we cannot see. During the creation process
Gelbart physically interacted with concrete objects of references and responded to them.
These objects were then removed, thus depriving his movements of their functionality while revealing what remains when the motivation for the movement is eliminated and the focus shifts to the negative space of the movement itself. The outcome of the process is the
audience witnessing the body of the dancer being influenced and moved, without seeing the source for his actions, which allows different interpretations and questions regarding one’s drive to arrive. The work reintroduces the sense of physical deprivation forced upon us by the pandemics.


Concept and choreography: May Zarhy
Dancer performer: Ariel Gelbart
Created with the dancers: Moran Muller, Ariel Gelbart
Music: Daniella Ljungsberg


The Fund for Independent Artists, Ministry of Culture and Sports

Center for Contemporary Art Tel-Aviv-Yafo CCA

20.2.2021 | Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Cabri Israel

6 - 7.3.2021 | CCA Tel Aviv, Israel
9.3.2021 | CCA Tel Aviv, Israel
20 - 21.3.2021 | CCA Tel Aviv, Israel

7.8.2021 | Tel Aviv Dance, Suzanne Dellal Center Tel Aviv

4.12.2021 | International Exposure, Suzanne Dellal Center