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Detail, HD Video



During the Covid-19 pandemic, the vividness and physical proximity of performative works was forced into domestic two-dimensionality. The screen was meant to replace the experience in the theater. A video work, Detail is a collaboration between choreographer
May Zarhy and video artist Zohar Elazar (Kawaharada), which departs from the realization that there is no substitute for the live experience. The work, which asks what can be found choreographically by moving from the medium of performance to video, admits that shared space and presence are invaluable, and any attempt to replace them is useless. 
Continuing her work of recent years, in Detail Zarhy explores the female voice in relation to the potential sculpturality of the body. She investigates the possibility of immersion in the experience of intimacy and the felt sense on screen, unthreatened by physical presence,
breath, and physical proximity.

The work focuses on the tension between the movement of the bodies and the use of the camera frame, which allows viewers to glimpse the theatrical while at homes.

Concept,  Choreography: May Zarhy
Cinematography, Editing: Zohar Elazar (Kawaharada)
Sound Design,  Voices: Daniella Ljungsberg
Dancers: Rotem Greenberg, Inbar Buchbinder
Color Correction: Yoni Passy




The Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv-Yafo
The Fund for Independent Artists, Ministry of Culture and Sports
Intimadance Festival, Tmuna theater

Thanks to Re-search program for creative dancers, Adi Helman, Eran Sachs, Inés Moreno.

25.9 - 3.10.2020 | Intimadance Festival Online, Tmuna theater Tel Aviv Israel
20.2.2021 | Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Cabri Israel

29.6.2022 | Film program DanceFirst, Fürstenfeldbruck Germany

24 - 25.12.2022 | CCA Tel Aviv, Israel

10.1.2023 | CCA Tel Aviv, Israel

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