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Performance for young audience of 7+


Every day, when the time is right, Libelle closes her eyes, invents a private language, and starts recounting her story… This story is not meant for us to understand, but feel, watch, and sing along. Part dance-show part music-concert, this performance is where Libelle and her friends play with words and rhythms, mixing the sound of their voices and drums, and merging them into songs and movements. Shifting between acoustic and electronic sounds, they morph into cool, mysterious and colorful creatures.

The process of developing the piece included regular workshops with children.

Concept, Choreography: May Zarhy

Developed in collaboration with the performers: Susanne Grau, Elpida Orfanidou

Music: Lena Geue

Costumes, Stage: Federico Protto

Light Design, Technical direction: Dennis Dieter Kopp

Mentoring: Nico Grüninger

Commissioned by Explore Dance - Network dance for young audience (Fokus Tanz / Tanz und Schule e.V. Munich, fabrik moves Potsdam, K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg)

Supported by the Fund for Independent Artists, Ministry of Culture and Sports.


19 - 20.5.2021 | HochX Theater Munich Germany

29 - 30.6.2021 | HochX Theater Munich Germany

15 - 16.5.2022| Fabrik Potsdam Germany

19 - 21.5.2022 | Kampnagel Hamburg Germany

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