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In preparation for the project Libelle, a dance and music performance for young audience ages 7+ I've created in the frame of Explore Dance Network, I've prepared for the different scenarios that the project might have due to the constantly changing restrictions caused by Covid-19.

Part of the research and preparation included producing various 'by-products' from the process, which can be found in the images and videos here.

In the images:
a series of exercises and games to play and experiment with children, in a frame of a workshop.

The aim and focus of the exercises: the relation between movement and sound, between sound to space and between movement to space.

These exercises were shared with the target audience of the project: groups of children between the ages 6-12 years old.

As the work revolved around these relations and the confusion of sound into movement, movement into sound, sound into space etc, playing these with the target audience made us learn a lot about their embodied knowledge and reactivity.

In the videos:

- a proposition of game with soap bubbles in relation to a known musical tune.

- a vocal warm up exercise only with a word such as ananas, or other, to open the children's playfulness together with their musicality and group singing.

Additional 'by-products' included musical loops and and musical research material by musician Lena Geue, which can be listened to here.

(all right reserved to Lena Geue©).

Libellula was funded by the Darstellende Künste Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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