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Materials is a full length performance made of several short pieces, created especially for the Simulator group in Tel Aviv in 2015. The piece suggests a frame in which different encounters can occur. Similar to a concert where different pieces of music are played one after the other, Materials does not present itself as one single entity, demanding constant attention from the spectator from beginning to its end, but rather, it offers a sort of tension- relief in between the different pieces. The guideline for the work was the question: what is a material? How can we crystallize a physical intention until it reveals itself as an entity with felt choreographic value? The participants dealt with this question through means of physical encounters with one another, while trying to identify different, yet specific, forms of interactions and not judge them or transform them formally, but rather go deeper in each one in order to come to its essence. Musicality, the ability to listen and to converse through physicality, movement and
through the medium of space, was the baseline for all pieces. Materials was then a gathering of the short pieces into what has become a sort of a field, functioning as a platform for the different encounters to take place. A field, which presents a sort of rabble of things, not unified in terms of style, form or duration, but rather one which allows a glimpse into the source from which all the various parts derive.

Choreography: May Zarhy
Performance, creation: Yael Averbuch, Yoav Admoni, Bar Alteras, Tamar Ben-Cnaan, Shani
Bar, Shiri Globerson, Dana Hafouta, Orit Shaul Meiri, Dor Frank, Maya Tamir
Direction of the Simulator program: Moshe Shechter Avshalom, Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

7.2015 | Kelim center Bat Yam Israel

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