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How unusual it is to wander around in a city, to let oneself be taken by an experience and to truly observe within one's urban reality. Walk is an experiment in a sensory guided tour throughout the topography of the city. It is an invitation for a sensitive, intimate experience
within the busiest, loudest context.
The participants in Walk gather at a specific point, where they are matched with a performer / guide, who leads them into a sensorial preparation for the tour. From there, each participant leaves with their performer guide for an alternative tour in the neighbourhood, triggering observation and play between the streets, the different happenings around and the participants.
Through a simple and automatic action such as walking, Walk wants to touch one's habits through the most grounding bodily foundation: the feet and legs. By exploring their function through this action, the artists propose to learn something about the relation between the individual and his/her relation to the environment around him/her. The project was realized in collaboration with a group of diverse local performers, who were the guides for the tour.

Conceived by: May Zarhy, Galit Criden

Mifal Hapais Israel
FESTFACTORY Bat Yam Artists Compound Israel

23 - 24.8.2017 | Bat Yam Festival, Israel

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