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Witness is a piece for 5 dancers and a recorded voice. Set in an intimate space, the dancers’ movements focus on sensing and feeling each other, while describing their experience through their movements and reaching out for contact with the others. They move while remembering a movement that they’ve done before, and imagining what it could be.
Witness proposes the audience to experience a closer look on the dance that unfolds. In fact, it  proposes the public to “witness” rather than to “view” the piece.


Choreography: May Zarhy

Music: Kristin Oppenheim, Daniella Ljungsberg

Dancers: Dávid Janik, Koh Yoshitake, Valeria Gambino, Tim Hutsch, Isabel Druenne, von Ballett Chemnitz


To be premiered on the

25.4.2024 Chemnitz Germany

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