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A piece for 2 bodies & 2 voices

YES is May Zarhy first collaboration with musician and vocal artist Michal Oppenheim.

Together they composed a site-specific work for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in which they also perform. Combining resonating vocal compositions and live sculptures placed very close to the audience, the work touches themes of closeness and intimacy. Sensing that in Western society’s everyday life the body is increasingly being utilized rather than experienced and present, the performers wished to focus on the(ir) body, without hiding or beautifying it.

Working on the piece, the artists set a guiding principle of agreeing with (literally, saying ‘yes’ to) each other’s suggestions, trusting that such a process would embody their intention to deal with closeness and intimacy, while yielding a particular hybrid quality between voice and movement. YES invites the audience into a communal singing and observation session - a contemporary ritual taking place at the contemporary, Western church, the museum.  


Conceived and performed by:

May Zarhy in collaboration with Michal Oppenheim

Light and technique: Yair Segal

Costumes: Tamar Ben-Cnaan

Production: May Zarhy


Diver Festival

Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv

Residency at Kelim Center Israel




4 - 5.9.2015 | Diver Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art Israel

7.11.2015 | Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

4 - 5.12.2015 | Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

9.1.2016 | Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

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